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About us

Our Vision

We endeavor to bring to you the most exquisite timeless pieces, delicately handcrafted by Indian artisans.

Neelofar Singh - Founder & CEO.

Neelofar Singh, a Delhiet by origin, an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia, a Social Worker by profession and an Entrepreneur by choice, has been in Handicraft business since 2014.

Driven by sheer passion, she set off her journey in pursuit of excellence to keep alive the age old traditional Rajasthani Art and Heritage. It was Neelofar's flair for Earthy colors and enchantment for hand block prints that enticed her into mystic world of weavers and printers.

What started as an inquisitive exploration, led to serious and rigorous research reseach work in creative designing, which finally manifested into a brand name to reckon with - Neelofar's

Today she offers a wide range of hand crafted products to her clients across the globe, to include textiles (sarees, dupattas, bed linen, cushion covers etc), mojaries, fashion jewelry and Blue Pottery.

She carries with her a motivated team of highly skilled Artisans, who are not just restricted to Rajasthan but far flung areas of UP, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Kashmir. Her perseverance and  'Never Say Die' attitude is her business associates.